Mobility & Flexibility at The Gathering, Butler, PA-William Baker

We had a blessed year in 2012. Even through the struggles of moving and taking a second child being our 10 year nephew, God brought us through it! We have enjoyed the mobility the Organic Church model has given us. A great friend of ours had been struggling in the faith. This man also played a significant role in bringing me to Christ. With being missional minded and having the flexibility to go out of the four walls of the Church, we took the Saturday night service to him. He shared that he was having lack of fellowship and felt as if his prayers were not being heard. My wife, who is the co-pastor with me at the Gathering, shared that God answered his prayer by sending us. We ended up being at his house, which is 40 minutes from our location, till 1230 a.m. This was a time of discipleship and prayer to help a brother get back on track. He later returned to teaching the teen Sunday school class at his local Church.

Being followers of Christ, we have to get down in the dirt with people at different times of life. This really plays into the organic model, because ministry happens in the natural context of people's lives, at homes, work and natural relationships. When they feel secluded and beat down we have to take the body to them and meet them in the natural areas of life.

Sometimes, we make ministry difficult-- it is just a "cold cup of water". This is just a highlight from a long year. Every week is not a highlight and fruitful in our eyes, but discipleship, fellowship and the breaking of bread together in community is taking place whether it is at our home, in the chapel, or at a local restaurant.