Grace in a Garage

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Tim Eyring ~ | Lillington, North Carolina

God constantly amazes with the way He develops new contacts for us and opens the door to witness and invite folks to worship with us. It has happened in hospitals, cell phone showrooms, etc. Jesus said "I will build my Church.


.." and He wasn't kidding! Here is an example of how God works. A customer of the garage was invited to come to our services. He brought along a friend he had met at a music store due to their shared interest in the accordion. Dave had no idea he was going to a Nazarene church, and was surprised to see that on our sign and our bulletin. After church as I greeted him, he asked me where I had attended college. Come to find out he was a senior at Eastern Nazarene when I was a freshman! The missing lamb was brought back to the fold. Worship in a garage church has been exciting - the decor of the church is constantly changing! However, the challenges of heat and cold will soon be behind us as we take occupancy of our new house-church in several weeks. Designed to accommodate our worship, fellowship and growth, we are looking forward to its dedication service on February 24th with our district superintendent. Accepting the call to organic church planting often involves sacrifice. We are finding if we willing embrace that call, He provides all our needs in miraculous ways. Although we intentionally do not focus on money, God is already building a core of tithing families so that all our bills are paid, budgets are up to date, and savings are accumulating in a building fund. God is good all the time!