Discipleship:So Easy a Child Can Do It!

Age-Appropriate LTG Card

The Network at work.

Tim Young ~ | Granite City, IL

We use Life Transformation Groups for discipleship in our church. They are so much a part of our life, that even our kids use the language and know what they are. When we leave, it is not uncommon for one of our kids to ask “Are you going to your LTG?” We love that our kids know how important these are to us.


A few months ago, our 5 year old daughter said to my wife, “Mom, I don’t know much about God or the Bible. I’d like to have my own LTG.” So my wife suggested that Aubrie think of a friend she could ask to do one with her. Aubrie picked a friend and they started a couple of weeks later. We created an age-appropriate LTG card for them to use (see the picture. The back side has space to write the names of people they pray for). They meet every other week and read 3 chapters during that time. Currently, they are reading Matthew. Two quick stories that stick out to me: During the first week they were reading, Aubrie told us that she didn’t know what the words “union” and “virgin” meant (As in the story of Mary and Joseph...). The two girls discussed it when they met, but neither of them understood it, so they decided not to worry about it . Second, Aubrie was reading one afternoon when she put her Bible down all of a sudden. She looked at me and said (with much excitement), “Dad! The Bible says all of my hairs are numbered!” “That’s right.” “Well, how many are there?!” was her honest reply. It brings us so much joy to watch our oldest child have the desire and an appropriate way to follow Jesus. See, discipleship is so easy, even a child can do it!