Praising God for Two New Disciples

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Tim Young ~ | Granite City, IL

We might Mike and Vicky last summer through a mutual friend. Vicky, a self-professed atheist, had some history in the church as a child, but had a sour taste in her mouth. Mike was all but foreign to the church and the things of God.


Still, we met them because they were curious about God and our mutual friend thought it would be good for us to talk. I remember that first night, over pizza, Vicky’s first question to us was “So what are Nazarenes all about, anyway?” A bit surprised, I said “Why don’t we talk about Jesus first, and we’ll get to denominations later.” So we did; we talked about Jesus. Over the next several weeks, they engaged in the reading and discussion of the seven miracles in the gospel of John. Many of you are probably familiar with this exercise. As the seed was planted, it found good soil, and we could see signs of life popping up in this young couple. Mike seemed like a child, playing with a new toy for the first time. The scriptures were fascinating to him. He enjoyed them. They were new. Shiny. Exciting. Vicky was a bit more skeptical, but weird things started happening. She found herself praying (to the God she’s not supposed to believe in…), and God answering those prayers. Then there was the day the car radio got stuck on the gospel station. And the day the wind blew her Bible open to a passage that struck her heart. And the time God provided financially. God was getting her attention. All of this culminated one afternoon at their apartment. Vicky confessed to my wife that she knew God was calling her. She knew he was real, and he wanted her. More than that, she knew that if she didn’t submit, this might be her last chance. So she did. She gave her life to Christ right there in her living room. Then a few days later, Mike confessed some of the same feelings to me. He knew God was real. He knew living life his way wasn’t working. So he gave his life to Christ while we were sitting in the cab of my truck. God has redeemed and transformed these two lives, saved their marriage, and set them on a new path of righteousness. The video is of the two of them making public testimony to their faith by being baptized together. You can also check out more of their testimony here: