Power Of Presence

Jay and Jodi Stiegelmeyer

The Network at work.

Darrell MacLearn ~ | McKinney Texas

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of Christ presence in your neighborhood? What happens when the “Church”, the embodiment of Christ shows up in your neighbors lives? What happens when you become missionaries to the people on your street? Jay and Jodi accepted the call to become missionaries on our street. They made an intentional decision to invest the same amount of time that they were driving to their church 30+ minutes away and spending ministering to someone else’s neighbors. When you add up 3 days per week plus other activities it provided them a lot of time to bring the power of the presence of Christ into the lives of those on our block.


The power of presence began to become evident as they led the neighbors across the street into a personal life transforming relationship with Jesus. You know it is the power of the presence Christ when the neighbors walk across the street and simply say, “you have something we want. Will you have a bible study with me and will your wife have one with my wife.” The investment of Christ like love and time came to its fulfillment as their lives were changed from that day forward.

But it didn’t end with them, now the neighbors next to them who were anti God, anti church and anti Jesus or anything else having to do with spiritual things are a daily part of our families. They are a regular part of our organic house church and we share life together.  It was the Power of the Presence of Christ at work through unconditional friendships that changed their perspective on Christ and Christians opening the door for further investment in their lives.  It is amazing the friendships we can have when we simply love like Christ and allow him to love through us. 

And then there is Hector our other neighbor. Who has watched the relationships grow in the neighborhood and was welcomed to join in those relationships. He watched as his neighbors mowed his lawn when he was unable to and helped him with his landscaping. He watched as his daughter was loved and cared for and welcomed by others in the neighborhood. He watched as he was invited out to eat with his neighbors. And then it was natural when he was invited to an LTG. It was at that first LTG after he read the book of Matthew that week that he gave his life to Christ at a table at a Chipotle restaurant. His life and that of his family will forever be changed as he has discovered not only the power of the presence of Christ in the neighborhood but now in his own personal life.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you simply became a missionary to your neighbors and allowed the power of christ’s presence to actually show up in your neighborhood. “Where you go the King goes and where the King goes people bow” ~ Neil Cole.  What does the presence of Christ look like in your life? Are you investing enough of your time in your neighbors lives for them to come into contact with the presence of Christ in you? What would happen if you invited Jesus to go with you to the neighbors BBQ? Or Across the street to mow a lawn? or next door to simply make a new friend? Or are you too busy “going to church” and serving someone else’s neighbors that you don’t have time to “be the church” in your neighborhood?