Anna's Story - From Darkness to Light


The Network at work.

Tim Young ~ | Granite City, IL

We met Anna a couple of months ago while doing outreach at a skate park near our home. She opened right up to us, sharing her story. It was one of those obvious things where the Lord had set up a divine connection.


As the weeks progressed, my wife did a wonderful job of staying connected with Anna and ministering to her. Finally, we asked her if she would be interested in doing a discussion centered on the seven miracles in the gospel of John. She was very interested. The beautiful thing was that Anna was so foreign to the Bible, she didn’t even know what “John 2:1-11” meant the first week. In regards to the Bible and the Christian faith, she was almost completely a clean slate.

Over the past 5 weeks, she has been faithful to reading the scriptures and discussing them with us. If time and space permitted, I would share with you all of the wonderful (and oftentimes hilarious!) insights she has come up with just from simply reading the Word. We have had to do very little explaining. The Holy Spirit is a wonderful teacher. The thing Anna has said over and over again is “I really think Jesus and I would have been very good friends.”

In the past couple of weeks, it became obvious to us that the Lord was getting ready to save Anna. And during our discussion time last night, she prayed an amazingly simple, beautiful prayer telling Jesus that she wanted him to be Lord of her life.

My wife challenged Anna to write a poem about Jesus, and here is a portion of what she wrote. Note that this was written before she made a firm commitment to Christ. I think it speaks for itself in terms of what the Lord has done in Anna’s heart. I trust it will touch your heart as it touched ours.

…You love us without control, And even though we wrong you every single day, In some form or way, You do not give up on us, You have not forsaken us, And I thank you so much, That you never gave up on me, Because if I hadn\'t found your light, I don\'t know where I\'d be…