12 Steps and Another Transformed Life


The Network at work.

Darrell macLearn ~ | McKinney TX

First it was Andrea who's story you can see and read earlier in the stories on this site. But tonight the Angels rejoice as Stephanie was baptized and begins a new phase of her journey with Christ. Stephanie is a part of our 12 step church and tonight knowing we were going to be at a friends house with a hot tub (the same house and tub Andrea was baptized in a few months ago)she threw a pair of shorts in her car on her way to work wrestling with whether or not tonight would be the night for her to "commit her life to Christ" and make it public.


Stephanie gave her life to Christ a few weeks ago and we celebrated her new birth and tonight we celebrated with her in baptism. God is doing Amazing things in her life and in the life of the group. However, it was when her husband prayed for her that i was most moved. Her husband is not a believer and came into this group an atheist. In the last couple weeks he has been the one to initiate prayer and tonight he prayed for his wife and her decision to follow Christ. At the end of the evening when the comment was made, "Dave, we will get to baptize you soon" he said, "Probably so." Thank the Lord again for allowing us to do church in a Braums Restaurant and baptisms in a hot tub where folks like Dave and Stephanie can experience his resurrection power at work in their lives.