A New Thing


The Network at work.

Karl Ingersoll ~ | Fredericton, NB

So grateful for an expanding network. I have much to say ... not nearly enough space and an inadequate medium to express my heart for God's Heart. The 247 Network is a linkage of individuals who have stepped outside of the parameters of church as an institution. We are hungry to see God work in greater ways.


In Canada, as in many places, "organized religion" carries a negative stigma which places us in a deficit to start the process of reaching others and living out Kingdom lives. Our folks are denominationally varied, theologically diverse and ONE in Christ ... where there is no barrier. Check out our website for more info: www.247network.ca Email me if you have input or questions. Above all, keep us in your prayers. We have seen about 15 house churches begin since September, not including 4 pre-existent groups. God is moving - we are playing catch-up. Karl