Ease Droppers


The Network at work.

David Kincaid ~ | Northern California

Each week a few of us from our organic church meet at a coffee and study the Word together. we have been meeting at this coffee shop for over a year and even though we made changes we have been there pretty consistently. Over time we have noticed ease droppers and the climate and atmosphere is changing.


People will put their books down and close their computers and ease drop on our conversations as we discuss Scripture. No one would really join in or get involved with us until a few weeks ago. On this particular Wednesday a lady approached us and started asking questions. One of the key things she said was "I have been watching you guys for the past 6 months to see if you guys are real." "6 months!" She said she had a couple questions and 45 min later I had to leave and she was still talking. Her conversation engaged others who were listening. It was amazing to watch and go through that. Our group hasn't gotten any bigger but the ice has been broken and the seeds have been planted. It is now all geared for those folks who are listening. People shut down their computers, closed their books and physically turned toward us. This group has been there for some time, but we have never had the attention that we did Wed. People are there, listening to us, and I think they were waiting to hear how we would welcome other people. I think we passed their test. The lady asked "why do you guys do this in public" and Judy said, "so you will ask the questions you are asking." But that is not the complete story. One of the things that really set me up for this was I had been thinking "where is this headed" and "are we really doing what God wants us to do" So I prayed that morning and asked if we were going in the direction he wanted us to go. There is always that draw to return to our comfortable church culture and this organic ministry has been slow. It was in the morning that I prayed and asked God to help me see clearly. And then all this happened. First I received an email message from a friend and she expressed her interest in what we are doing and then I went to this coffee meeting and the ease dropper crowed engages us and my prayer had been answered and our ministry confirmed. God is working in the lives of our ease droppers.