LTG Multiplication

LTG Multiplication

About a year ago my friend David and I started a Life Transformation Group (LTG). It really wasn't very organized at first...we just met every Thursday night at a coffee shop called MoJoe's to read scripture, bear one another's burdens, and pray for people we know. As we did this, we began to form relationships with other people. For example, employees and customers alike would often stop by and ask us why we were meeting or what we were doing, but we also noticed that some people seemed to intentionally sit nearby just to see and hear.

Danny is one of those night he sat facing us completely turned around in his chair, hanging on our every word. As we introduced ourselves to him, we invited him to come join us at our table. Danny told us he was drawn to what we were talking about because for years he had not served the Lord. That night God moved, and as we prayed with Danny, he asked Jesus to come into his heart and to give him the courage to be a witness for Him. Danny still meets with us every week, but now he also leads his own LTG at his workplace--he has formed loving friendships centered around Christ with his co-workers.

Another person who began coming on Thursdays but now also leads a LTG is Jim. Although his background is that of one who was "raised in the church", Jim first connected with us mostly on a personal level, yet over time began to get interested in the principles behind the scriptures we were studying. Eventually he felt challenged to read his Bible every day, and now has a unquenchable thirst for biblical truth and feels God's presence powerfully in his prayer life. He began sensing a growing desire within him to engage members of his family and people in his neighborhood, but was afraid he didn't have whatever skills were required to start a LTG. Then one day on a whim he invited one of his neighbors to go out to eat with him, and just began a friendship. They have met the same night and at the same place every week since then, praying, reading scripture mutually, and holding one another accountable. Jim has also cultivated great relationships with the people who work at the pizza place and also with some of the regulars.

Our little Thursday night LTG stopped being little and is multiplying, recreating itself other nights of the week in other places:

Joseph began coming on Thursday nights in April of 2010 and now also meets Mondays at another restaurant. He has been able to reach out to people with addictions, and one night in October, a crack addict he brought to his LTG accepted Jesus as his Savior.

David's wife, Lorie, has been an integral part of this process since the beginning. She always was our prayer partner, and if we connected with any females in the course of meeting with our LTGs, we would be sure to introduce them to Lorie. Lorie has made many friendships this way, and now has formed her own weekly LTG with two other women.

Because of the growth we have experienced, Thursday nights have now become a time of sharing and fellowship about what has been happening in all the other LTGs. It also gives us a chance to organize and plan out how we can actually be the Church and help those in our community and world. We developed a sponsorship program to help people earn a GED. Also, this Christmas we have the opportunity to serve a family who recently lost their house and all their possessions in a fire, providing them with a Christmas meal, a food pounding, furniture, appliances, clothes, bath products, and school supplies.

Please keep us in prayer as we look to Jesus and follow in the steps He leads!